Projects - Phase 1

Our first project will be a start-up project with a primary objective of raising awareness of the charities overall mission.

This will include:

1. Crowdfund an initial investment of £500,000 + from individuals and business

2. Register 'Grow A Tree For Me' as a charity and produce a governing document

3. Identify key individuals and business to invest to help the charity grow

4. Develop our on-line presence for customer registration & bespoke purchases

5. Develop and maintain regular news letters

Projects - Phase 2

The second project will involve major investment in land and employment for forest management and maintenance.

This will include.

1. Secure the purchase of suitable land for plantation

2. Offer business the opportunity to offset their total carbon emissions with a 'Corporate forest' grown in the shape / design of a company logo

3. Invest in forestry management, creating local jobs within the community

4. Plan and manage the introduction of wildlife, plants and water sources

Projects - Phase 3

The third major project will involve further education and promotion of the charity.

This will include:

1. Further develop our land into unique places of outstanding natural beauty 

2. Develop options for 'forest school' educational visits

3. Further develop our on-line presence and offer legacy gifting and planting in memorandum

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