Help us save the planet

Only you as an individual can help make a real difference.

Join us and help us reduce global C02!

What are we doing?

The 'Grow A Tree For Me' project has been set up so that individuals and business can offset their carbon emissions with the planting of trees. To start the project will be using donations to invest in suitable land. We plan to create unique nature reserves around the globe that can be enjoyed by everyone.



We all have to start somewhere and our project has high ambitions. To grow we will.

1. Crowdfund donations

2. Register the 'Grow A Tree For Me' charity

3. Purchase suitable land

4. Begin plantation

5. Expand and plant, plant and expand...



Each forest will be created with nature in mind. We hope that each forest will become a safe and secure environment for the introduction and preservation of many local species.



To save the planet for future generations it is important to educate our children. We intend to work with local schools to promote the importance of climate control and the key role that forests play in keeping the planet cool.

7 reasons to choose us to offset your CO2?

Every year we breath in about 9.5 tons of air. This equates to about 740kg of oxygen each per year. 7 fully grown trees are required to produce this much oxygen. 7 trees for you, 7 trees for me, 7 trees for everyone. That's a lot of trees!

  1. We are passionate about trees  
  2. We aim to be a non-profit charity
  3. We want to grow trees 
  4. We want clean air
  1. We want to protect wildlife
  2. STOP the 'climate emergency'
  3. We want to save all life on earth!
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